Queer Heresies Digital Archive

The witch represents forbidden and unsanctioned power. It is unsurprising that the witch both terrifies and captivates their global audience.  Within this figure is the spiritual power and awareness of countless cultures. They have been labeled witchcraft, most inappropriately so, many subsumed into a taxonomy that does not befit them. When we look at the witch, we can see the silhouettes of these cultures. We can see knowledge and power deemed heretical. By excavating the witch we excavate this knowledge and use it to manifest new, counterhegemonic realities.

Queer Heretics is an intervention into the contemporary art world as a queer artist, an art historian of the African-diaspora, and a practicing occultist implementing the performative rituals and myths of witchcraft, through which I seek to encourage resistance and cultural heresy. To do so we must relocate, recreate, and recenter the queer, racial and cultural facets deep within witchcraft as both a spiritual and artistic practice.

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Kevin Talmer Whiteneir Jr.