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Providing services is less about compensation than offering spiritual insight to those in need. However, I firmly hold an oath to maintaining spiritual balance, you must give something of equal value for something you have received. The universe will always balance the scales.

To maintain equal spiritual balance, I discuss monetary and non-monetary compensation options before any session with a client.

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... is often employed to help understand a situation, the personal and interpersonal issues affecting the situation, and insight on how you can move to resolve it.


Magical Workings

... are small charms or ritual guidance, you can carry and use following a spiritual consultation.

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Spiritual Insight

... is an opportunity give you the tools and knowledge you need to act on your own behalf in your spirituality.


Movement Work

...and magic come from imagination, and so long as a person is willing and able to imagine themselves creating they are welcome and invited to move within this series.

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Reach out to me! I'm happy to answer as many of your questions about services as possible!

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