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The Queer Heretic's Temple offers divination, spells, and spiritual guidance to those in need with a specific focus on queer and people of color.
To order a service, Message me at my online store at The Queer Heretic's Temple or email at

Magical Services

Spiritual Insight Consultation

Consultations are intended to provide petitioners with correct magical service to address their needs. Following consultations, I offer additional services to petitioners that may benefit them.


Guided Meditations and Trancework

Guided Meditations involve crystals, incense, and spoken word for those seeking mental or spiritual insight. These sessions help clients recognize mental inspirations buried within their psyches.


Magical Workings

Magical workings follow spiritual consultations to address client needs. Services include blessings, banishings, cleansings, aura readings, crystal work, spells, rituals, and more.


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Tarot Services

Basic Tarot Spread

The Basic Tarot Spread is a beginning 3-card tarot reading to answer open-ended questions about different aspects of life including questions about careers, love, finances, and more.


Specialized Tarot Spread

The Specialized Spread builds upon insight provided by the Basic Spread. The Specialized Spread hones in on details to instill clarity regarding what the petitioner seeks to understand.


Couple's Tarot Spread

A Specialized Spread intended for insight into erotic, romantic, and intimate relationships.


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